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This is the home of the 'Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC HOWTO', commonly referred to as the JavaStation-HOWTO'. This document describes how one can install and run the GNU/Linux operating system on a Sun JavaStation network computer. It also answers the frequently asked questions newcommers may have.

As of April 24th, 2000, the JavaStation-HOWTO is a member document of the Linux Documentation Project. It is mirrored there at

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The 'JavaStation-HOWTO' document is copywritten and released under terms of the GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.1.

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Thanks to the GFDL, you can be assured that the JavaStation-HOWTO is available for you to freely read, either here or somewhere else, without restrictions.

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The 'Linux on the Sun JavaStation NC' HOWTO by Robert Dubinski, Copyright 1999-2001.
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