Booting Your JavaStation Once you've selected or built your boot files to use, and configured your boot server to serve them, it is time to boot your JavaStation with Linux! What to See When Booting Linux When you boot things properly, your JavaStation will start up with the normal white background screen with the PROM banner at the top, and you will get the black "exclamation mark in triangle" logo, signalling the system doesn't yet know who it is. When contact is made with the DHCP server, the logo goes away and changes to the Java coffee cup logo. After this, a black background window opens. This is the PROLL window. It'll show status of the TFTP download in progress, and give stats on the size of the file downloaded. Next, the whole screen should go black, you should see a picture of Tux the penguin in the upper left hand of the screen, and have the normal Linux kernel messages printed before you. Any mistakes from this point are due to the filesystem you are using, the filesystem mounting, or missing kernel drivers which should have been compiled in.